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Useful Apps

Want to find the best restaurant in the city? Looking for something fun to do? These touristic apps will have you up and running from one swiss landmark to another!

  • Local Cities- Type in a city and you will receive all the information there is, from population numbers to clinics in the area, from calendars to maps....​

  • Vaud Guide- Download this app and get recommendations for the Lake Geneva area.

  • Paybyphone- This is the simplest way to pay for a car park ticket.

  • Fairtiq- Fairtiq allows you to travel wherever you want in Switzerland. You only pay for what you actually use.

  • Smatch- This app helps you get in touch with people based on the sport you practice, your level, location and availability.

  • CH Info- All you want to know about the Swiss political system.

  • Meteo Swiss- best weather forecast that exists... Complete with dangers, rain animation and the temperature, this app has all the info about the sky.

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