We are a boutique relocation & real estate company that has a holistic approach to relocation & real estate. For us every client is unique and needs to be professionally accompanied and supported to make the relocation process and/or the real estate project as smooth as possible. 

Our objective is to ensure that our clients enjoy their new life in Switzerland as quickly as possible. 

We are proud to announce that since 2019 we are a full member of the Swiss Association of Relocation Agents (SARA).


AGOODDAY relocation & real estate Sàrl took over in September 2020 the activities of AGOODDAY relocation & beyond which was founded by Roberta Genini in 2017. Roberta Genini is a Swiss citizen who started her successful legal career as an advisor for a Swiss insurances company and an exclusive luxury watch and jewellery company. 


Subsequently, she was relocated overseas to Oslo, Bangkok and Sydney with her husband and two school age daughters.

Her diverse expat experience made her realise that each relocation experience is unique and no two moves are ever the same.


She knows how stressful and complex such an experience can be and therefore she understands the needs and requirements of those who are moving to a foreign country. The passion to support families and individuals arriving in her own country as well as the desire to share her experience and knowledge led her to setting up her own relocation & real estate company. Thanks to her law's degree, a strong background in real estate market, her USPI qualification as a real estate agent, plus her own experience as an expat, Roberta offers personalized and comprehensive services to expatriates.

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