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I highly recommend AGOODDAY relocation & beyond

Roberta is a Swiss lady who became an Expat so she understands very well the whole process, plus the way how she makes the introduction to Swiss culture it was the best I had, she helps many parents in my daughter school and all agreed she is brilliant.

L.R.C. Perù


Having been expatriates abroad for several years, we have given Roberta the management of our house and we're very happy about it. It's not always easy to part with your house and to rent it out, but the collaboration with Roberta is a true relief!
With Roberta we feel confident! We know we can count on her to find respectful and reliable tenants. She meticulously and with commitment handles every situation and is committed with motivation and dedication to ensure that everything goes well in our house. Thank you so much.

V.G. Berlin, Germany

Since February 2019 we have employed Roberta to manage the rental of our house in Perroy Switzerland. Roberta's agency AGOODDAY has performed management activities including promoting the house for rental, arranging the lease with tenants and property management. The property management included overseeing repair work done on the drainage system. The work provided bas been of a high standard and we expect to continue to use Roberta's services for the foreseeable future. We have no hesitation in recommending Roberta for her competency and professionalism in the field of property management.

A.L. Chaveney, France

Dear Roberta

Thank you very much for the excellent service you have provided us in our exit from our rental property in Switzerland.

Your knowledge and experience of the laws relating to this process, combined with your understanding of the language and culture of the various stakeholders involved in exiting our rental property, was invaluable to us. Your contribution was greatly appreciated and not only saved us much money but also the emotional energy from the process.

Thank you again, and know that we will be sure to use you again in the future and will certainly recommend your services to our friends.

J&L W., Miami USA

We are a British family who quite suddenly had to relocate back to the UK, and we found ourselves in the unenviable position of having to get out of our rental contract early. Upon a friend's recommendation, we sought help from Roberta Genini, from AGOODDAY Relocation, and we were so glad we did. Roberta is a consummate professional who takes everything in her stride, and as a result, we are now in a good place with all the details tied up nicely, and we can move on with our new life abroad.

Roberta was clear and up front about how the process would work, and the costs involved, which we appreciated. She worked with us on a daily basis to help guide us through the complexities of notifying the Commune, finding suitable tenants for our rental home, informing the utility companies amongst other things. In our case we had a particularly difficult check out process, and although we had built up a good working relationship with our landlords, it is amazing how conversations can turn difficult when there is a deposit involved. At one point during the checkout walkthrough I got a little emotional and Roberta calmly took over the process, ushering me into another room where I could compose myself. Throughout the check out she was happy to take on the difficult conversations, both face-to-face and via email, and she did so in a direct but professional manner.

At every step of the way, Roberta displayed a "can do" attitude, whereby she encouraged me to take it one step at a time, and gave me sound and logical advice on how to take each step. I honestly do not believe we would be in such a good position now, had it not been for Roberta's calm, professional and informed assistance.

We would highly recommend Roberta to anyone who is at the start of their relocation journey, and we would encourage them to seek her advice early in order to make the best use of her fantastic experience. Thank you Roberta!


The benefits of working with Roberta have been enormous. First of all she is simply a delightful person. She is affable, informative and generous with her time and energy. Practically, her assistance in our move from the US has been immeasurable. She understands the benefits and challenges of living abroad from a logistical and personal perspective. Futhermore, she is well connected to the local area and has access to the important areas that require contact during a relocation. She has been wonderful to work with and critical in pulling off our move with minimal surprises and confusion.  We can recommend Roberta with the highest compliments and are fortunate to have found A GOODDAY in our early planning phase.

S.W.B., Boston, USA

Roberta truly understands what it’s like to relocate having done so many times herself with her family - all around the world . She is highly professional, responsive and anticipates what you need as you move in or out of Switzerland. She helped us navigate everything that needed to be done to depart Switzerland including things as canton deregistration, selling cars, cancelling health insurance, pension requirements, final rental inspections and real estate correspondence. We couldn’t have done it without her and highly recommend her! 

C.S. Sydney, Australia

Roberta helped us leave Switzerland when relocating back to the UK. Her help and advice was invaluable. Thank you.

A.U., Birmingham, UK

I truly recommend the professional services offered by a Agoodday especially Ms Genini. When we were due to leave Switzerland at the end of 2017 Ms Genini was able to assist us to find professional movers, to prepare all that was necessary to be able to depart from Switzerland calmly and fully knowledgeable that we had done all that was necessary to have no surprises in the future. She was also extremely knowledgeable of the rights and duties that govern diplomatic personnel in Switzerland. Her assistance with the early termination of our rental contract was also precise and accurate. I highly recommend her services.

B.H. Valletta, Malta

I highly recommend AGOODDAY relocation & beyond

Roberta is a Swiss lady who became an Expat so she understands very well the whole process, plus the way how she makes the introduction to Swiss culture it was the best I had, she helps many parents in my daughter school and all agreed she is brilliant.

L.R.C. Perù

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