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AGOODDAY is a relocation and real estate company based in the region of La Côte in the canton of Vaud that has a holistic approach to relocation and real estate. It assists expatriates moving to Switzerland in the area between Lausanne and Geneva, such as home search (renting or buying), school search, settlement services and legal advice, especially in lease law and purchase of the real estate by foreigners who wish to settle in Switzerland.


When leaving Switzerland, the company can provide a range of services from assistance in the procedures related to the departure, the search for a leaseholder, the sale, or the property's management.


AGOODDAY believes that every client is unique and needs to be professionally accompanied to make the relocation process as smooth as possible. 

AGOODDAY provides his clients with the best-personalised solution to their needs and requirements to ensure that they enjoy their new life in Switzerland as quickly as possible. 

AGOODDAY is proud to announce that since 2019 is a full member of the Swiss Association of Relocation Agents (SARA).

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